First warning to Saul

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Saul’s debut as a Chelsea player left no one indifferent, and his absence against Zenit and Tottenham, where he did not play a single minute, has given ammunition to his first critics. Tim Sherwood has asked for patience with the player from Elche, while reminding him that it will not last forever.

Saul has only played 45 minutes in three games as a Chelsea player, those played on his debut against Aston Villa. Classified as calamitous by some, the player from Elche has already received a first warning from the English press.

One of lime and another of sand. Tim Sherwood, Premier League legend, has asked for patience with the new Blue player, but has also warned that such patience is not unlimited.

He believes it has all come too quickly for him, and that he is finding it hard to land. “Saul was a superstar in Spain with Atletico, now he comes to the Premier League and everything has gone too fast for him,” he wrote, in his weekly column in the ‘Metro’ newspaper.

“Hopefully he’ll settle in and I’m sure he’ll get better, but I don’t think these players will be expected to wait forever,” added the Blackburn Rovers or Tottenham Hotspur legend, among others.

After the absence against Zenit and Tottenham, Sherwood was blunt. “They must start to show their worth, otherwise they will be left out and eventually end up leaving,” he spat at him.

Tuchel, after the debut, also gave him a slap on the wrist, but ended up backing his player. He himself admitted to feeling lost. Perhaps having watched the last two games from the bench has helped him settle into the team.

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