World Cup every two years moves closer

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FIFA’s dream of having a World Cup every two years is getting closer and closer. ‘Marca’ says that FIFA are very close to getting their wish. 

It will have to be put to a vote at the next FIFA congress between March and April 2022. 

FIFA need a simple majority for the vote to pass. The 211 federations will vote.

The fact only the federations vote and not UEFA and CONMEBOL, who have opposed FIFA’s idea, means FIFA are optimistic,.

The World Cup every two years, if it happens will be from 2025. At the moment, the 2022 and 2026 World Cups are set in the calendar and it is then when world football will change. 

In fact, FIFA wants the month of October to be dedicated to World Cup qualifiying matches which would see less international breaks during the season.

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