“I can show with figures that PSG are breaking FFP rules”

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The LaLiga president has started a crusade against the so called state clubs. “They’re as dangerous as the Super League,” Tebas said recently, directly attacking PSG. 

This time, Tebas spoke to ‘L’Equipe’ and the French media outlet took advantage to ask him about his criticism of PSG. “If I criticise them it’s because they don’t generate enough moeny to have the squad they have. I can prove the FFP deception with figures which back it up,” he said unequivocally. 

“How can you explain to us that PSG have a squad of almost 600 million euros? If they win Ligue 1, they don’t get more than 45 million. It’s impossible,” Tebas continued. 

And he said he had invited Al-Khelaifi to show him those figures which he talks about. “I invited the PSG and the Ligue 1 president, Vicent Labrune, to show them the numbers and where the irregularities are. They didn’t respond to me, they just simply criticised me,” he said. 

Tebas denied that his criticism of PSG is because Messi and Neymar, two former LaLiga players, are now in Ligue 1: “If they’re at PSG, I’m not bothered. This hurts a lot, not only me, but also European football. It’s not just me saying it. PSG avoided a ban because of an error with the process, not because they stuck to FFP rules,” the LaLiga head continued.

When asked about the departure of stars from LaLiga, he did not seem concerned. “Messi, Neymar and Cristiano have left, but we’ve still had an increase in our international rights. It’s good to have them, but our strategy doesn’t depend on them. We knew that Messi would leave, either because of his age or for other reasons. Who knows who will play in LaLiga in a few years?” he expressed. 

In addition, in his view, the best striker is still in Spain: “For me, Benzema is the best number 9 in Europe. Really, there’s no reason to be pessimistic

Lastly, he spoke about Barcelona’s delicate financial situation. “All the board members who arrive at Barca talk about the c**p which preceded them. We’ve got their figures and the club is not almost dead, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to get a loan of 500 million euros. I’m more worried about the institutional crisis than the financial one.”

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