“Leaving the pitch without handshaking the rival is what cowards do”

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Atletico got defeated 3-2 by Liverpool at home and Simeone was not happy at all.

Simeone left the pitch as soon as he heard the final whistle. The Argentinian coach did not handshake Jurgen Klopp or any of the rival players before going into the dressing roomThe German manager complained about Simeone’s attitude as he was walking off the pitch. 

Peter Crouch and Joleon Lescott, former Premier League players, criticized Simeone’s attitude for ‘BT Sports’. 

“You should respect Klopp. Not saluting the rival after the game just makes you look rude”, said Peter Crouch. Joleon Lescott was a little bit harsher about Simeone’s manners: “It was mean. Not handshaking the rival after the game bacause you ran off, in my opinion, that’s just being a coward”.

Crouch understands Simeone’s behavior during the game but believes he was wrong for how he left the pitch. “During the game, he was asking the supporters to support the team, he was supporting and motivating his players,…I understand all that. Leaving like that, I don’t understand it”, he explained.

Lescott, does not understand why he behaved like that: “He didn’t seem mad about Klopp’s comments before the game”.

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