Luis Suarez rules out return to South America and sees himself in MLS or Asia

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Footballers’ careers have an expiry dateLuis Suarez knows it well, and that is why he is already thinking about the future, a future that does not include a return to the demanding South American football, and that may take him to the MLS or Asia when his contract with Atletico Madrid expires.

He told compatriot Diego Lugano in an interview with ESPN. “I value so much the effort I have made to be at the top and leave a good image that, if I return to South American football at 36 or 37, people will demand me as if I were 27 or 30,” he said.

“And if I can’t perform at that level, I’d rather they didn’t say I don’t run like I used to or that I don’t score the same goals.

He is clear, he will continue where he can play at a good level. “In order not to leave that image I prefer to continue enjoying myself somewhere else, where my physical condition will give me as much as it will give me,” he continued.

“That I can continue to enjoy football without that pressure that you feel in South America, which is more than in the United StatesAsia or wherever you want to enjoy at 37 years old,” Suarez insisted.

Luis Suarez arrived at Atletico Madrid a year ago after running out of room at a struggling Barcelona. He signed for two years and, in theory, will serve his two-year contract next summer, although his exceptional performances are leading the Madrid club to consider an understandable renewal.

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