“It’s easy to blame Solskjaer while the squad earn a fortune”

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Man Utd’s 0-5 defeat to Liverpool at Old Trafford still hurts. The latest to give his opinion on the thrashing is Wayne Rooney. 

Despite everyone singling out Solskjaer and many saying he is about to be sacked, the former footballer and now Derby County boss claimed the players are to blame. 

“Are you telling me that’s the manager’s fault or the players’ fault? I don’t know, but the players have to question themselves. It’s too easy for the manager to take all the stick when those players are being paid a lot of money to do the job and I don’t think they’re doing it well enough,” he said. 

Rooney believes the set of players are not committed enough. “Those players need to be hurt, need to feel when you lose games how much it hurts you. I’m seeing too many players not willing to run back, not willing to defend and not willing to put everything on the line for that club and that’s not acceptable,” Rooney continued. 

“There is a big responsibility on those players. They are world-class players, international players and a club like United need more,” the 36 year-old added.

The Derby County manager thinks that if there is someone who is capable of turning the situation around, it is Solskjaer. “There’s pressure on him, you can see that. But I know him and he’s a fighter. He’ll keep on doing the right things, stick to his beliefs and try to get the most out of his squad.”

On the Norwegian’s future, Rooney expects the club to take the best decision possible: “I’m sure United have a plan in place whether that’s with or without Ole. They are very educated people at the top of the club. I’m sure they will be looking at everything to see how they move forward in the near future, whether that’s with Ole or without,” he concluded.

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