‘France Football’ considers giving Ballon d’Or 2020 to Lewandowski: “We may consider it”

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Pascal Ferre, the editor-in-chief of ‘France Football‘, spoke in an interview for ‘Watson’ in which he admitted that Messi was a fair winner of the Ballon d’Or despite not being his choice, and praised the Argentine’s words about Lewandowski, although he could not say for sure that the Polish striker could receive the award for his fine 2020.

“I didn’t put Messi first. I chose Lewandowski, but I think Messi deserves the Ballon d’Or,” said Ferre, who saw the Argentine receive the award for the seventh time.

Leo Messi‘s choice this year was one of the most controversial, with much of the football world tipping Lewandowski as the favourite. “As after every election, we will take time to think about how we can improve the election system in the coming years. But we will not make decisions too quickly. We will investigate all the details of the election,” admitted the top official.

What was most surprising about the Argentinian’s speech was his call for Lewandowski to be given the Ballon d’Or he deserved in 2020. Although Ferre also thinks like him, he confessed that he had to be cautious: “We can’t be sure that Lewandowski would have won the Ballon d’Or. We can’t find out because there was no choice. But to be honest, Lewandowski would have had a good chance of winning it last year.

Although Leo Messi‘s proposal will be studied, the director of ‘France Football’ does not want to break the method of choosing the winners, which has a long tradition: “We can think about it. We have to respect the history of the Ballon d’Or, which is based on voting”.

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