Eriksen trains with boyhood club!

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Before becoming famous, Christian Eriksen played for Odense, a Danish club who Ajax’s scouts had their eyes to try and detect young talent. That is where he is playing now as he cannot play in the Serie A because he has a defibrillator installed. 

‘BT’ revealed this information. They included comments from Odense’s director of football confirming it. “We’re very happy that Christian Eriksen is keeping fit at the moment in our facilities. We have remained in contract with Christian since he left Odense and so we’re happy he asked us if he could train in Adalen agaim,” Michael Hemmingsen said. 

Inter Milan have been very understanding of the player’s situation and they have let him travel to wherever he needs to be in order to make progress. Eriksen was working with a personal trainer and at 8am, he was putting the cones down on the training ground to be able to do what is asked of him. 

He focussed on cardiovascular exercises and he even had touches of the ball. Since the summer, Eriksen has been living in Adalen, the headquarters of some of Odense’s facilities. It is a small town well away from the congested areas of Odense, 168km from Copenhagen, but separated by water. It is an ideal atmosphere for him to be calm and recover in his own time.

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