Premier League’s deadliest-ever striker? Aguero’s case aided by incredible stat

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It is a debate almost as old as the competition itself – who is the best striker to grace the Premier League?

Let’s be honest, there are many different ways of looking and none are absolutely nailed-on.

However, one area that many might point to is goals frequency.

It stands to reason. The aim of football is to put the ball in the net and the player who does it most regularly must be pretty good.

That’s where Sergio Aguero comes in

 December 15, 2021

The Manchester City great announced on Wednesday that he has retired from the game due to health reasons, having had a heart issue detected over the past month and a half.

It has cut his career disappointingly short given, at 33, he seemingly still had plenty to offer – but it does provide the opportunity to look back on one of the best goalscorers of recent times.

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