Zidane will make PSG wait: France is his priority

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Zinedine Zidane has never hidden it. He wants to be the French coach. Time will tell when he takes over as France coach. 

Zidane, apparently, does not want to rush. He will wait for a call from ‘Les Bleus’ for the amount of time that is needed. ‘RMC Sport’ says that that is the reason why the coach has still not accepted PSG. 

Of all the options possible, Zidane has the French national team as his priority. He would rather wait for Didier Deschamps to say whether he will continue on as France coach or not. 

So, if Deschamps leaves France, Zidane is more than willing to succeed him and he would turn down PSG. 

The Parisians will wait as long as they need to. They are optimistic and they hope Zidane will take over from Pochettino. Deschamps’ decision will affect Zidane and PSG so it remains to be seen what he decides.

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