Barca will renew Dembele on one condition

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Moussa Sissoko, Dembele’s agent was the one to deny Barcelona the last time they tried to renew the ‘Mosquito’s’ contract. He will be the one to ultimately decide Dembele‘s future. The French winger’s destiny is in Sissoko’s hands.

According to ‘Mundo Deportivo’, the most recent information from the saga suggests that Barca made contact with Moussa Sissoko about Dembele’s renewal as they wanted to give their view on the situation. Club sources have told the Catalan press that they would be happy to keep Dembele at the club and see him in a Barca shirt next season, but they do not want to lift a finger in the matter.

Barcelona deny calling Dembele or his agent. However, the ‘azulgrana’ will be all ears should their be movement from the winger’s side, but they will not be the ones to pick up the phone and offer anything else in the matter. 

According to ‘Mundo Deportivo’, the conversations on his renewal could pick back up but only if Dembele’s agent makes his move and accepts what Barca already offered to the Frenchman to stay at the club. If this does not occur, there will be no future for Dembele at the Camp Nou.

In whatever case, Barca do not have what they want. Doubt remains in the club’s mind over whether Dembele will sign for another club, or if he will continue to fight for the Barca badge.

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