Dembele would sacrifice part of his salary for Barca

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Ousmane Dembele is clear. Of all the proposals he has on the table, the option which interests him most is staying at Barcelona. His priority is to stay at the Camp Nou beyond the month of June, the date which his Barca contract expires. 

In recent hours, Moussa Sissoko, Dembele’s agent, met with Barca to speak about his possible renewal. According to ‘Sport’, the summit served to help them come closer to reaching an agreement

After several months of toing and froing, it seems like Dembele and Barcelona are starting to understand each other. The Catalan paper reports that the winger understands the club’s situation so he is willing to earn less money to stay. 

‘Sport’ highlights that Dembele has offers from certain clubs which are offering him more money than Barcelona. However, Dembele is willing to turn down all of them. He would not mind sacrificing part of his salary to continue at Barca. 

Despite the fact both sides have come closer to reaching an agreement, they are still quite far away from reaching an agreement. His new contact, if it happens, it will not happen overnight, according to information published to this source. 

In any case, Barca were waiting for a sign from Dembele and they now have it. ‘Mundo Deportivo’ adds that Barca are optimistic and they are confident in reaching an agreement to allow the Frenchman to continue. The footballer has made it clear that he will make it easy for him to renew. It remains to be seen how this saga ends.

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