Mbappe on Benzema’s ‘storie’: “I understand it comes from above”

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The last few days have been very busy for Madrid, PSG and Mbappe. The French player saw his France team-mate Karim Benzema post a photo on Instagram that directly linked to him and he spoke about it on Monday.

It all happened before the official announcement of his renewal, as several Madrid players, not just Benzema, posted a ‘storie’ with their finger pointing at the Real Madrid crest and with a dot of light that meant nothing other than that Madrid is above all else.

Speaking to ‘Le Parisien’, Mbappe commented on what he thought of this reaction from the Madrid players: “I saw that almost all the Real Madrid players posted. You don’t have to be too clever to understand that it comes from above, right?

As for Benzema, as there has been talk for months about their good relationship and that they would be a perfect fit at Madrid, the striker assured that he will explain everything to him: “When we meet, we will discuss it”.

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