“My exit wasn’t a condition in Mbappe’s renewal deal”

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PSG did not announce Leonardo’s exit from the club. This was part of the agreement made between the sporting director and the club as a show of respect for the ex footballer. The Brazilian did not want to leave but ultimately, he was shown the door.

Leonardo has assured that his relationship with the club has always “been filled with too much emotion” but he leaves “we zero bitterness“. However, the ex sporting director has his own views on certain things regarding his exit.

He spent no time in touching on the most important subject of Mbappe’s renewal. Leonardo said that his exit was not a condition of the forward’s contract extension deal.

“They didn’t say this to me, but I don’t want to talk about these things. Keeping a player of that standard at PSG is important. Judging is easier than making a decision”, he said.

Leonardo also confessed that he would have continued working at the club: “Things happen and unexpected situations occur. When we parted ways the communication wasn’t great. The exit hurt me a little, I suppose“.

“You don’t regret anything at first because you only know you’ve gone wrong in hindsight. You make thousands of decisions in football, because of this I was never worried about doing absolutely everything correctly”, he continued.

On not selling enough players, Leonardo argued that you cannot always have everything and that PSG “take investment risks”. “It wasn’t the best moment for sales because no one was able to buy, but honestly, I don’t believe I was fired for not selling“, he added.

In conclusion, Leonardo summed up his achievements during his time at the club, recalling “a Champions League final, national titles and signing Messi“. 

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