Ancelotti’s “Bermuda triangle” does not give up

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Real Madrid have enjoyed their greatest golden era with three outstanding footballers in the midfield for eight years. Casemiro, Modric and Kroos have been the base and, at the same time, the key to the success Madrid still have.

“I call Casemiro, Kroos and Modric the Bermuda Triangle, because in their area, the ball disappears,” Real Madrid Carlo Ancelotti recently said about those three footballers. 

Ancelotti made reference to the mysterious disappearance of planes and boats in the triangle made up of Bermuda, Puerta Rico and the coast of Miami. For the Italian, those three are key to the midfield. 

The Madrid boss is a fan of nicknames. As ‘Marca’ reminds us, he called Nacho “the pessimistic defender” because he always fears the worst and is prepared for opponents’ attacks

Tchouameni, Valverde, Camavinga and Ceballos will give the midfield trio competition in midfield, but the reality is that, however bright a future they have ahead of them, they are still far off the level of the main three. 

Casemiro, Kroos and Modric will remain first choice for the 2022-23 season, as has been the case since the three have been together in 2014. Since then, there has been a ton of success in the Champions League and plenty to celebrate at the Santiago Bernabeu.

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