Warning! See what you should know about BTTS/GG before staking that bet today

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Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema scores the winning goal against PSG @Champions league

Kelvin Ubaka

BTTS is the shortened form of “both teams to score” also known in some quarters as GG “Goal Goal”. It is a famous football betting market which stands for the chance of both teams scoring in a match.

On Naijabet.com website, Players have two choices. Yes, or No. If a punter selects YES, both teams must score a goal to win your bet. If you select NO, your wager will succeed only if one or none of the sides will score, no matter what the final result is.

Some websites are displaying this bet option as “GG”, which is the same thing. It’s a shortened version of “Goal Goal” or “Goals Galore”.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates one of his goals

What to consider to increase your  chances of winning BTTS bets?

Punters should take consider the factors affecting this betting option. Some of which I will list.

*Most important factor are the form and the recent results of the teams. The golden rule of this type of bet is the accurate reading of facts & stats.

Your selections should include matches in which the teams:

-Often confirm the over 2.5 goals market.
-Score with ease.
-Conceed goals, no matter where they play.

More advantageous conditions that favour your stake include:

– When both teams are creating a lot of shots on target.
-Key players are missing in both defences.
-There are no significant absences in both attacking lines.
– If it’s a cup game where the guests have to score to qualify.
-Head-to-head stats between the teams indicate many goals.

– If you have good knowledge of the league & of the teams involved, this will help more.

As punter, you can win your bets if you study the above parameters correctly.

Here are some of the best leagues for BTTS;

According to our statistics which were cummulated after several findings, these are the leagues that deliver to this kind of bet:

England Championship
Canada Soccer League
Germany Bundesliga
Scotland lower leagues
Denmark lower leagues
Sweden 2nd division
USA lower division .

USA women’s football team celebrate a goal

What are the advantages of a BTTS bet?

The most important advantage is that you do not rely upon a specific result to win your bet. You just need either team to score.

Before staking your bet today, remember there is always a chance for any team to get a goal until the final whistle, so your bet stands for the whole duration of the game.

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