Vinicius ignores PSG: “I want to stay at the greatest club in the world”

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Despite PSG’s intentions, it seems like Vinicius’ new contract at Real Madrid will end up happening. That is what you can deduce from the Brazilian’s comments. He is only thinking about staying “at the greatest club in the world.”

The striker spoke to the programme ‘Bem, Amigos!‘ on ‘GloboEsporte’ and he was very clear over his future. “I want to stay at the greatest club in the world. We have the most united team since I arrived. We all feel something special. The celebrations this year have been special, different.”

His contract expires on 30th June 2024, but his meteoric rise ast season will force Madrid to renew him earlier than planned. His salary, currently four million euros a year, will be improved and the former Flamengo man’s contract will be extended until 2027.

Vinicius also has words for some of his teammates and for Carlo Ancelotti. He emphasised how fond he is of him: “He always tries to help us, give us information and confidence.” In addition, he remembered getting “help from experienced players,” in reference to Marcelo, Casemiro and Benzema. 

He also spoke about Benzema and the incident in Gladbach during the 2020-21 Champions League season when the Frenchman was spotted criticising Vinicius. “The next day, he came to speak to me to clear everything up. I took it well. He’s told me that he wants to face Brazil in the World Cup final,” the Brazilian, who was under fire at the time, said. 

Lastly, the Brazilian national team was brought up in the interview: “It’s the best environment in the world. Everyone wants to be there, the most experienced players keep us calm and give us freedom for us to do what we want on the field of play.”

“When there’s a match, Ancelotti and Tite always talk. I’m better at Real Madrid and Tite asks Carlo how I could help in the national team. They get on well and understand each other,” Vinicius added on the two coaches to conclude.

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