Sterling says “yes” to Barça, but he can just go on loan

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Barcelona is interested in signing a new forward  in January. Barcelona’s board believes Sterling is the best option available, however signing the English player seems like a tough job. 

‘Sport’ reports that the first step Barcelona took was getting sure that Sterling would like to play for the Spanish side. Sterling said yes as he wants more playing time.

The next step for the Catalan giants is to negotiate with Manchester City, which seems a little bit more complex. The ‘Citizens’ have set an 80 million euros pricetag, a price that Barcelona can’t pay due to their finantial crisis.

According to ‘Sport’, Barcelona believes that the best option to get the English international is to get him on loan in January. 

Barça’s intends to end up buying the footballer at the end of the season, so an the lo option to buy would be included inan deal. 

‘Sport’ also reports that Barcelona isn’t just looking to sign Sterling in January. According to the media outlet, Laporta has an agreement for a strong midfielder with international experience, which remains unknown.

Barcelona’s board wants to fix the team this January so Barcelona can compete again for every trophy.

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