“I hope Lewandowski’s theatrics end, it’s doing damage to Bayern”

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Bayern Munich’s pre season has begun and, despite the rumours, he did so with the presence of Robert Lewandowski in the team. That said, according to ‘Bild’, he has arrived late for all three training sessions up to now. 

Lotthar Matthaus, in a podcast for ‘Bild’, spoke about this situation. “I’d like the theatrics surrounding Robert Lewandowski to end quickly. It’s annoying, it hurts the team and the club in general,” he said. 

He considers that his Bayern teammates are those who are suffering the most with all this uncertainty: “The team are suffering the situation, they are commenting it. It hurts the structure of the team.”

Lastly, Matthaus urged Bayern to resolve the matter soon. “With a player as good as Lewandowski, I’m sitting down at the table and I’m looking for the best solution. I don’t see a great difference in Barcelona’s approach and Lewandowski to how things were with Mane and now how they could be with De Ligt,” he argued.

Bayern knows Lewandowski’s decision and he considers the former footballer should be consistent: “The club and the players interest find a solution, that is announced clearly, and then the club reach an understanding,” he concluded.

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