Atletico could get Cristiano and Simeone would approve it

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Cristiano Ronaldo is determined to leave Man Utd for a team who are playing in the Champions League and, even though it may sound strange, Atletico Madrid are one of those in the best position to get him. Bayern Munich already ruled themselves out of the running in comments to Oliver Kahn and there are no other candidates at the moment even though he has offered himself to several clubs like PSG. 

‘AS’ reports that he is very much to Diego Simeone’s liking and he has him has a priority. The problem is that it is a difficult deal to do financially. In fact, it would be impossible unless Atletico make more than 40 million euros worth of sales as 40 million would need to be set aside for the Portuguese. 

It is not known what the Portuguese thinks about this because he has only spoken publicly to deny rumours of him joining Sporting Lisbon. Atletico will be playing in the 2022-23 Champions League, so that suits Ronaldo nicely. The Portuguese wants to leave United as they are not in the Champions League this season. 

What Cristiano wants is to stay in the elite and one of the many pieces of information that has been published in recent weeks helps to understand that. He turned down a huge offer from Saudi Arabia to keep on playing in the top leagues. At the age of 37, he does not feel old from a footballing point of view and he wants to keep on trying to win all the trophies he can. 

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